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Experience That Matters

At Intellectulaw, the Law Offices of P.B. Tufariello, P.C., we practice trademark law differently. As a result of our efforts and over twenty years of experience, we have a 100% success rate with every trademark registration we have filed. In court, we have established a track record of obtaining substantial jury awards for our clients, many in the high six-figure range. We have also successfully defended our clients on many occasions, including before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington D.C., saving them millions of dollars in potential damages, all the result of our dedication to practicing intellectual property law in a manner that is different from the more traditional approach.

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Words From Clients

  • Working with Betty Tufariello’s Firm has been very smooth. Not only are they very organized, they help you organize yourself. They are very efficient and easily accessible. Whenever you need to speak to someone, you do – not an answering machine. I wish them all the best.

    Cibao Meat Products, Inc.
  • Any project that I have given IntellectuLaw is handled in a swift, timely manner, which is of utmost importance to me. The biggest concern that I have when dealing with law firms is their lack of expediency in solving matters.

    Renaissance Imports, Inc. - Part 1
  • The speed of IntellectuLaw is very rare to find in other law firms that I have dealt with in the past. Seemingly, they give their top priority to ‘billable hours. One can advertise all day long, but what potential clients want to hear is how your current clients feel about you.

    Renaissance Imports, Inc. - Part 2
  • I can say with all sincerity that working with IntellectuLaw has been quite enjoyable. They confront their work in a most professional manner but yet are able to emit warm, sincere feelings of concern for my interests in whatever matters are at hand. They take a personal interest in my concerns and needs.

    Renaissance Imports, Inc. - Part 3
  • Ms. Tufariello cares about her clients and is passionate about her work. She is a fighter in court and a formidable adversary to any high priced NY lawyer. I highly recommend Ms. Tufariello and her law firm to anyone requiring IP representation whether it is for a simple registration or complex litigation.

    Mordy Naftaly
  • The law offices of Intellectulaw represented our company in complex intellectual property litigation encompassing trademark law, copyright law, unfair competition law, and contract law which lasted for over 4 years. Ms. Tufariello first established our needs and our capabilities which were very limited.

    Serialcomm - Part 1
  • She educated us in the process and held our hand along the way. She made decisions along the way that probably saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, while attaining our goals and not compromising any of them. We were always confident she had our interests at heart before anything else.

    Serialcomm - Part 2
  • IntellectuLaw has represented my shoe firm for the past 15 years & has always achieved incredibly positive results with whatever the mission. Betty is tenacious, relentless, & is an absolute expert in understanding intellectual property law. No challenge, no matter how great, is insurmountable with her by your side.

    Aspire Global LLC
  • Your firm has handled trademark filings and various other matters relating thereto for us during the past 4 years in a most professional and highly skilled manner. Especially appreciated is that you respond to call made to you right away.

    Only 8 Yogurt Corp.

High Trademark Success Rate

To be successful, a trademark application requires more than gathering information into a form. More often than not, the details of a registration involves attention to use and strategic decisions that must be considered from the start of a business. When these factors are ignored in the beginning, mistakes may not be discovered until it is too late and correcting the error(s), if even possible, can lead to additional legal bills.

Save yourself the headache! During our 30-minute consultation, we will walk you through the common pitfalls many registrants (even lawyers) encounter when registering their trademark. Every industry is different; which means the details of what you need to protect will differ based on your goals. Once we’ve tested your trademark against our standard – it will be bulletproof – and we’ll provide you with a letter of opinion limit your liability.

Did you know?

A 2013 study, Do Trademark Lawyers Matter?, 16 Stan. Tech. L. Rev. 583 (2013) (http://stlr.stanford.edu/pdf/dotrademarklawyersmatter.pdf), examined the impact of “experience” for trademark applications filed between 1984-2010. The study measured “experience” by the number of times an attorney had filed a trademark application. The authors found that using an experienced attorney to prepare and file a federal trademark application resulted in a 46 percent increase over the success rate for inexperienced pro se applicants (57 percent vs. 83 percent), which included applications filed directly through the USPTO by the applicant and via a third party service such as Legal Zoom.

The study also found using an experienced attorney resulted in a 22 percent increase over the success rate for inexperienced attorneys at 68 percent vs. 83 percent. Similarly, even with an attorney, the success rate of inexperienced attorneys is 68 percent and moderately experienced attorneys is at 74 percent.

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